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Set NILA Moroccan blue powder mask + bamboo spoon

Set NILA Moroccan blue powder mask + bamboo spoon

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This set includes: 

  • NILA Moroccan blue powder (40g)
  • Bamboo spoon Marrakecheology

NILA is the royal blue indigo mineral that is one of the best-kept ancient secrets of Moroccan women. This blue powder can be integrated into cosmetics, facemasks, bodyscrubs, … or combined with other powders like our ghassoul lava clay. It is used as a natural treatment with lots of benefits and protection purposes.

Nila powder (Indigofera Suffruticosa Extract) is a 100% natural mineral that is found in the Moroccan Sahara.

Nila is known for improving skin complexion, reducing inflammation, and protecting skin from harmful free radicals. Its natural moisturizing formula softens the skin, and reduces dark spots leaving it very soft and hydrated. It also reduces the signs of aging by making the skin rejuvenated.

Benefits of NILA powder:
- Eliminates impurities, blackheads, and excess oils while cleansing deeply,
- Helps evening out the skintone by lightening dark spots and pigmentation,
- Helps reducing fine lines,
- Helps minimizing large pores,
- Gives the skin radiance and velvety softness.

How to use NILA powder:

  1. Mix 1/4tsp of NILA with 1tbsp of natural yoghurt.
  2. Use only a wooden/ plastic spoon, as metal may alter the functioning of the NILA powder.
  3. Apply the mask on a clean face with your fingers or a facebrush.
  4. Avoid your eye-area and clothes.
  5. Leave on until nearly dry (max 15 minutes) and rinse your face well with water.


Suitable for all skin types.
100% natural and chemicalfree.
Not tested on animals.



Nila, bamboo

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