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SOLID MUSK CUBE (sandalwood)

SOLID MUSK CUBE (sandalwood)

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These aromatic and luxurious musk cubes from Marrakech will soak you inside the middle eastern fragrance. Treat yourself and enjoy the delighting essence of musk. It will give you the most pleasing and oriental scent and will last for months so that you can use it over and over again.

It can be used as body perfume, as home fragrance, as scented wax melt or even as a scent in your closet. 

How to use:

  • As a body perfume, by rubbing it against the skin;
  • To perfume your clothes, by leaving it discretely in your closet, it will aromatize your wardrobe and give your clothes a beautiful smell (be careful because it can leave stains) 
  • As a home scent, by laying the cube on a beautiful bowl
  • As scented wax melt by grating a little bit of the cube and putting it on the wax holder/burner
  • As a vacuum cleaner scent, by grating a little bit of the cube and putting it into the vacuum cleaner bag

Be careful because it can leave stains. It can also melt at high temperatures!

+/- 30g



Musk Ambrette 2%, Musk Xylol 5%, Vanaline 4%, Rose Powder 8%, Essential Oil 10%, Perfume base 71%

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