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GHASSOUL Moroccan lava clay mask 200g

GHASSOUL Moroccan lava clay mask 200g

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Moroccan ghassoul is a mineral-rich lava clay mask straight from the Atlas mountains of Morocco. This mask cleans the skin deeplyIt is known for its many healing properties like an absorbing power which eliminates excess oils and other toxins. It's also great for acne, improves skintexture and skinelasticity. 

Ghassoul clay helps you getting a silky soft, smooth toned skin, free from blemishes and blocked pores

This mask is not only used on the skin but can also be used as a hairmask: it nourishes, remineralizes and purifies hair and scalp. 

How to use for face: 
  1. Cleanse your face.
  2. Mix 2tbsp of ghassoul with 1tbsp of water/ rosewater. 
  3. Only use a wooden spoon to mix the ghassoul, as metal may alter the charged particles in the clay.
  4. Apply the mask with your fingers or a facebrush.
  5. Avoid your eyes/clothes. 
  6. Leave on until nearly dry (max 10min) and rinse your face well with water. 

How to use for hair: 
Massage the ghassoul on damp hair and scalp. Leave on for 5min and wash out thoroughly. 


Suitable for combination to oily skin. 
100% natural and chemicalfree face and hair mask. 
Not tested on animals. 



100% vulcanic ghassoul clay

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