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KESSA Moroccan scrub glove (soft)

KESSA Moroccan scrub glove (soft)

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A KESSA is a Moroccan scrub glove used in traditional Moroccan spa hammams. It is used to exfoliate dead skin quickly and gently and gets rid of impurities, toxins and excess oil. It also helps with the prevention of ingrown hairs.

It's a 2-in1 glove: while scrubbing you also give your body an energetic massage which stimulates the blood circulation. These two advantages combined together will leave your skin rejuvenated and give it a healthy vibrance.   

For silky smooth and healthy skin, it’s recommended to wash your body in advance with the Moroccan black soap (sabon beldi). 





Step-by-step guide:

Step 1 - Take a hot shower or bath

Step 2 - For best result, wash first with our Moroccan black soap (sabon beldi)

Step 3 - Rinse your body and your kessa with warm water

Step 4 - Start rubbing with kessaand remove the dead skin

Step 5 - Moisturize and relax! 

Exfoliate once a week for best result!


100% viscose

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